I love you even over the phone!

Dear (name),

it may be hard for you to believe any of the words you’re hearing now, after all, the phone is not the most romantic way to express feelings, especially good ones. But, I don't know, I suddenly felt like talking to you. Just to speak, not even to hear your hoarse from the use of cigarettes. It's true, at this moment, I just wanted your ear at my disposal, at the disposal of all the good things I have to say to you.
I don’t know, I really wanted to be able to tell you something new, to tell you that something new is possible and that there can always be room for hope for better days, especially when we reserve a place in the soul for the voice and skin of whom we love. This feeling that I feel for you is as sweet and true as the feeling that I know you feel for me. I get goosebumps just thinking about your emotional reaction when we meet again!
Don't let me down, dear. Take care. Take care of yourself because you deserve to take care of yourself, and I am absolutely sure that when you are well, I'll be even better, much better.