Love at first sight

Hello! I don¹t know your name, I have been watching you, for a long time and from far away, many tables over.
I can¹t stop looking at you, I think I am enchanted. I would be able to stay here all night, imagining the sound of your voice and the wonderful words that could come out of your beautiful mouth.
Look, I am somewhat shy and I think it is a great invasion to approach somebody so concentrated and lonely, thinking of God knows what.
Anyway, I would like so much to meet you, because your delicate and elegant manners captured me. Do you believe in love at the first sight? I think that is what is happening to me.
I will subtly try to make this note arrive to you. Don¹t get startled, I am a nice guy and you will see that if you give me the opportunity to better know you. My name is_______________. My e-mail is_______________. And my phone is____________________. I am waiting for your answer, because It was a great pleasure to meet you, better, see you, even thought from such a distance.

See you,