In love with a photographer

you know that after I saw you, laughing and happy, setting up your photographic gear, I was never the same again. I had to go to the doctor, because something strange started happening to me. When the doctor listened to my heart, instead of that orthodox TUM ... TUM ... TUM, he heard my heart CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.
I can float just imagining you, photographing me in low light, at low speed, as if that special eye of yours is whispering in my ears. In your presence, I feel my soul light up, as if I am being hit by a FLASH.
Where did you learn to see people and things in such a special way? What's in your eyes that is able to stop time exactly in those most beautiful and happy moments?
Want to know something? I don't know anything about photography, but I know that in my memory you are already registered forever and, as long as I live, your image will never fade.

Accept a kiss from someone who only wants good pictures for you,