To a nice girl

It was very nice of you to give me your e-mail, so that I could write you a note. Niceness is something you have in abundance.
And, although I don¹t know you very well (we just talked that day), I am not afraid to say you are an incredible person.
Tell me something: beyond being nice, intelligent, educated and elegant, did you need to be so beautiful?
You know, it is not blasphemy. I have a lot of respect for God¹s things, but I think He had to sketch the whole of humanity to finally arrive at you. When He found the formula, He said, with his celestial strong voice: Speak!
The worst about this story is that you really spoke, and the impressive aspect of it is that, after this moment, every time you opened your mouth it was to say full of charm and intelligent things.
Look (name) I would like to see you again, and again, again, and one more time again. It must be soon! Call me or answer this small letter.