Completely in love

My love,

don't tell me I'm crazy, but whenever I'm with you I have the impression that time stands still; that all the confusion in the squares, streets and avenues is calmed down; that the sky is steady and that the clouds are quiet, immune to the cold wind, just to observe our love.
You are my beloved. My prince and my warrior. In your presence there will never be any harm that afflicts me, because I feel enwrapped by the safety of your protective aura, I feel protected by the strength of your arms and, most importantly, I feel protected by the integrity of your character and the sincerity of your love.
I feel in you the nobility of the legendary warriors, and in my fantasies I am able to compare you to a God, for there is nothing that I wish, that I can not find in you, in the generosity of your soul and in the safe warmth of your embrace. I like your hand roaming my torso, stroking the back of my neck and shoulders, approaching me, making me a gentle prey to your attentive care.
I feel completely in love with you, I feel taken by a serene, calm passion, because I know that my passion, as if it were a boat, always finds in its chest the best and safest anchorage.

Have a kiss from