The strength of this love

My love,

If my whole life had to be summed up in one day, let this day be today, because it was today that love revealed itself to me in an overwhelming way, as if nothing that has happened before was of the least importance.
Today, I don't know exactly why, I realized how important you are to me and how much I love you. I was never brave enough to talk about my real feelings towards you... I was always afraid to admit (to the world and to myself) the greatness of that love. But today he, himself, LOVE, proved to be stronger than my shyness and more powerful than my fears.
On this happy and glorious day I would be happy to cry out loud that I love you. Today I am able to ask the heavens for time to stop running so that I can continue feeling, indefinitely, the solemn strength of this passion that has reached me.
I want you above all and above all things. I will not say that I love you because you are important to me, but I will say the opposite: you are important to me because I truly love you and I do not want to stop loving you.
I don't know why it took me so long to discover the obvious, but today I was overwhelmed by this ecstasy. I hope this news can make you as happy as I am.

A passionate kiss from