Why do I love you?

My love,

if I had to explain why I love you, all the notebooks in the world would not have enough pages for what I would have to say, because you are everything to me. You are the reason for my peace and happiness.
Love is an abstract noun, but the feeling you awaken in me is something so real that sometimes I have the impression that all the beauty in the world is materialized in my heart. You make me see everything in a more colorful and optimistic way, you bring me the necessary stimulation to face life with joy and passion, you give me the peace and tranquility necessary so that I never get upset in the face of any difficulty.
I like everything about you: your skin, your voice and your hair. I like your luminous eyes, your gentle but determined ways; this special intuition that always leads you to do exactly what I hope and desire.
You know how to please me effortlessly, you know how to make me happy without demanding anything in return, although I recognize that I am capable of doing everything for you.
If "love" is an abstract noun, “to Love” is an intransitive verb and, therefore, I love you because I love you, and that all!

Big kiss,