You are divine, dear!

My dear and beloved (name),

remembering you always leaves me in love; always makes me much happier, more complete and human. I imagine that you may not even suspect the greatness of my love for you, the strength of this love that I feel for you...
In fact, in you I find the synthesis of Creation and the best and most generous expressions of human nature. In my eyes you are perfect and invincible, and I feel protected and safe when I have you around.
I always knew that you are truly blessed, and looking at you I feel how perfect and powerful God is, how much he can do wonders. You really are an enlightened being and, therefore, bring more peace and light to my heart.
You bring me joy and strength, you make me believe more and more in the good energies of love. I always want you this way, my angel: strong, beautiful, blessed by God and faithful to my love.

Big kiss from yours,