Your dreams are my dreams

My love,

When you imagine days full of affection and nights full of passion, when you dream of full harmony and happiness, know that I share your thoughts, because your dreams are my best dreams, and my greatest wish is to see you always well and happy!
I love you. Perhaps it would even be unnecessary to say this, as I believe that my feelings are evident in each of my gestures and in every word that I speak. That is why I dare to say that your dreams are ours and, therefore, in not too distant days they will become reality.
Love has this fantastic power to transform noble and generous ideas into fact. Love is miraculous because it adds virtues and makes the world and people better. Love is sacred because it brings us closer to the beautiful and the perfect.
And it is this love, fantastic, miraculous and sacred, that I feel for you. It is this love that makes me believe, without a doubt, that your dreams are mine too.
I'm happy to have you by my side. I am happy to still be able to believe in dreams in this world so skeptical of everything. I am happy because I am fortunate to have your company, it’s that company that leads me to believe that the next day will always be better than the current or the previous one.
Dream, my love. Dream a lot. I will always be by your side, whether you are sleeping or even, and especially, when you wake up.

Big kiss,