My life is my love

Dear (name),

Since you came my way, it has become impossible for me to imagine life without your constant presence. When you are not around, a deep feeling of emptiness comes to me, a strange feeling of vacuum, of total disorientation.
Without you, I lack the ground, I lack the security that you give me through a simple smile of agreement or consent. I always lack the certainty of doing my best. Without you I also lack the sky and dreams. It is from your presence that inspiration comes to me, to face the future or even to have strength to overcome everyday difficulties.
You are my life and my love. It is through you that I try to do better every day, it is through you that I make myself a more loving and kind person, and it is in you that my lungs find the strength to breathe and stay alive.
My love, you are someone especially wonderful. It is you who most admires the virtues in me and who most understands the sins and vices I carry.
Our love recognizes our affinities and respects our differences. You know how to bring me calm and peace. You touch my soul with sweetness and generosity, and without you, existing would be meaningless to me.
My life is my love. And my love is you.

Many kisses,