The hottest mouth in the world

My dear (name),

you know that I love you, you know that I am completely in love with you for each of the physical and character details that make you unique and very special. But there’s something about you that completely enchants me: it’s your wonderful mouth, capable of the brightest smiles, the warmest kisses and the most loving words.
Comfort always comes from her mouth, whether through her very special touches or through the sweet words that only she is able to say. How is it possible for such a strong beauty to rest on such delicate lips? And when your lips part in a smile, the world becomes clearer and my soul is filled with light. Your mouth fascinates me and the words, always the good words you send through that beautiful mouth, definitely captivate me, make me travel through a world of peace and love.
Seeing your wide smile and hearing your voice are things that make me very happy. And when your kisses sink deep into my body, you don’t even imagine what wonderful feelings those kisses of that charming mouth provide me.
I love you, I love you entirely, but I become overwhelmed when I look at your mouth, when I approach your mouth or when I touch your mouth with my mouth!

A kiss in your mouth,