Mother's Day USA - 9 May

For the mother who is quarantined alone

Dear Mom,

Without letting on in our virtual chats, I confess that I am very concerned with you. Every day I think a lot about how you are going in these days of confinement. I wish you well, and I worry about how your life has been, and what have you been thinking about this pandemic.
Who said that worry is the privilege of mothers? Know that I care about you too. At this moment, my greatest joy is to know that you are well and safe in there, in your home. I'm glad we have the technology, I can see you, but nothing like being close.
In fact, I know that you are a wonderful woman and a special mother, who is facing this moment with courage. I am very proud to be born of you. I have always been privileged to receive the best advice, the best words of encouragement, and your best attention. I know that I have been well oriented in life.
In this Mother's Day I will not be able to be there with you, but I want you to receive all my gratitude for your efforts and dedication throughout the years of my life. Mostly I want you to realize the great love I have always had for you.
I know that no woman can wish her son any harm, but I doubt that there is a woman in the world who has as much competence to make a child happy as you did. I am fully convinced that all of my best qualities have been inherited from you.
On this Mother's Day so particular, I will not be able to give you a hug and a kiss, but I wish you all happiness and serenity.
Kisses from your son (from your daughter), who at the moment has reversed our role , and is now the one concerned.