Zodiac Signs

For the Aries girlfriend

My dear,

I was missing you and decided to write you this letter. I don’t mean to flatter you or tell you empty words because they’ll be gone with the wind and, besides, I know you hate flattery. But still, you don’t mind me saying how much I admire you, do you? Of course you don’t, mainly because I’m about to tell you the reasons why I admire and love you.
First of all, I love your independence, your fascination for challenges and your persistence in overcoming them. At times, it even looks as if you can manage on your own, without my male company, but I know that, deep down, you’re not exactly like that and you also nurture romantic dreams.
I would like to keep on being part of that dreamy side of yours, I also believe that love, true love, the one that feeds on mutual trust and freedom, is the only and real sharing we should devote our bodies and souls to. I love you very much, your impulsive ways and even your jealousy moments, which, when interpreted, only indicate that with you, this is a game to be won. My dear Aries girlfriend, maybe your only fault (in my view) is that you’re a bit bossy, and just between the two of us, I was not put on this world just to obey but to share the right decisions and to take joy from them.
Your optimism and your faith in the future also make me happy, and, again I must say I would like to be a part of that future, because, despite your impulsive independence, for me, you still are the most beautiful, sincere, loving and exciting woman there is.

A kiss from