Zodiac Signs

For the Pisces boyfriend

My dear “little fish”,

Do you know how much I love those dreamy eyes of yours? If it were up to me, you would always have a high tide, because you’re a very special person, with lots good qualities that I deeply admire. You have no prejudices, you’re understanding, tolerant, sensitive and, above all, you’re not a bit jealous.
How could I let someone as special as you swim around freely? No way! You can swim straight into my fishing net because you’ll find the most romantic waters of this planet right here and you’ll be breathing love all the time. With me close by, you’ll will always have the strength and energy to fight for those wisest goals you’ve already set your sharp on, but you some times think are too far away. Well, let me tell you something, anything you dream or wish for is within reach, I intend to stay by your side, to lift you up and to dream, and together we will overcome all eventual low tides that may occur.

With a tender kiss from yours