Your love’s protection

My love (name)

Counting on you makes me feel happy, safe and protected. The comfort your hugs bring me, your receptive and cozy chest make me the most fulfilled woman in this planet, because I realize I live with a gentle and loving companion and it is good.
I feel truly grateful upon receiving this great blessing that is your love and the gentle load of kindness and dedication that in it resides.
I realize you care for me through the simplest of gestures, like when you straiten my hair, or when you zip up my dress, or just by noticing the tone of my recently bought lipstick.
I note your worry towards me when I’m slightly less expansive, sparring words or even when expressing myself by gestures. And in an instant there you are, asking if there is anything bothering me and if you can do anything about it.
Your constant attention is one more reason why I feel safe and this feeling brings me exclusively joy and happiness, because it’s very good to feel loved.
I can’t even begin thinking of how I am going to thank you for all the care I have received. Just mentioning, my best comes to mind and maybe I can return at least a fraction of this love.
I feel truly blessed cause I know, unfortunately, that love is turning rarer by the day. I really am a lucky girl by being protected by your love’s aura.

Your truly