Zodiac Signs

For the Pisces girlfriend

My dear,

This short letter is the confession of my deepest wish in this world: I want to look after you and protect you because you are the most gentle, feminine and devoted creature a man could wish for. I’d been told very devoted women existed but I had a hard time believing it… when I was told that Pisces women were like that we hadn’t met yet but now I have the confirmation: there’s no other woman in the world as affectionate and kind as you.
Because you give your femininity away you end up attracting some many guys, and that’s why I can only feel privileged that I was your chosen one. My darling, I would never hurt you, I wouldn’t stand any tears in those shy, dreamy little eyes of yours.
Your kind gestures, the softness of your words and touch, your gentleness at every hour of the day and night thrills me to the deepest corner of my heart, and that’s why I love you so much.
And what’s more, you never push me around and you’re not even aware of my small faults. You’re just perfect! That’s why I want you to hear me say it again: I love you too much!

I kiss from you protector for life