Since the first instant

My beloved (name)

I love and adore you. Ever since I first laid eyes on you I was certain they would never again picture sweeter image.
Your beauty and finesse seduced me right away. Your voice reached my ears like the sweetest melody, beating the lustful pulse of my aching heart.
Ever since that first glance my life shifted as a whole, because in an instant I understood what love really is, because I understood that when love and joy are shared, move intense they become, and that grief and hardship are a lesser burden when faced with clarity and trust.
Loving you makes me feel safer and more alive. Bring me the courage to search, in purest spring, the water that will quench our trust, the strength to reach for the ripest fruit that insisted in growing in the highest branch, energy to overcome each and every obstacle and to have a forever open chest and a willing heart to keep you warm, body and soul, always.
I will always be aware of this love and a constant readiness to review this feeling is a promise, of a truthful worship I have towards you.
Have absolute certainty that my biggest fulfillment is knowing that I can make you the happiest woman and the most beloved in this earth, because I dedicate my seconds to this goal.
Receive this with all my love!

With care,