Zodiac Signs

For the Aquarius boyfriend

Dear (name)

I want you to know I feel honored to live in that little aquarium of yours. The reason I’m saying this is because I know how you tend to devote all your attention to your friends and to even call friends those who don’t like you. I also know that when you say you don’t like someone that means serious business. So if you take me as your woman and girlfriend that means you really love me, right?
I like the way you’re distracted, apparently alienated, but I know that deep down what you want is to enter the heart, the soul and the feelings of those who surround you. I wonder, have you realized how much I love you? I honestly don’t know, because you’re an expert in the art of cover up, of not revealing your feelings.
But, any way, I keep hoping that I’m loved and wanted by you, for I can see how kindly you treat me; sometimes you surprise me with your lovely and modest gestures, like when you offer me a wild flower as if you were offering me a diamond. Even your scarce and rare compliments reach my ears with a unique sweetness. You know you have a special way of talking about certain things?
I want to tell you that despite your unmistakable talent to investigate other people’s souls, I still keep some secrets. That’s it, I’m challenging you to unveil all the secrets that wander through my mind and my heart! Are you up for it?

For now, remain with a kiss from