Zodiac Signs

For the Aquarius girlfriend

Dear (name),

I feel like I was selected. Honest. I feel there’s a space for me amongst your thousand interests. I don’t care if your love seems vague and undefined, I know that’s only in the outside, because a tender and inspired love is what I really feel.
I like the freedom you give me, I like the fact that you don’t get suspicious about me and that you’re not jealous. I’ve already shown you that you could trust me, and I know that your mind, always set in analyzing other people’s hearts, has already noticed these signs.
You’re a very special person to me: you’re graceful, funny and brilliant, you fit in just any environment even if your taste in fashion can be surprising for being both original and eclectic. Where does all that imagination came from, allowing you to frequently change your wardrobe? I had been told what Aquarians were really like, but what matters is that be it an evening dress or a plain T-shirt, you always look beautiful in both of them!
My darling, I love to love you, for a number of reasons. Your relationship with money, for one, seems very healthy to me. Despite being very careful with your own money, I feel that you cherish people for their minds and not for their pockets. That’s an important virtue as far as I’m concerned. Therefore I ask you: how could I not love someone as special as you?

With a tender kiss from