Zodiac Signs

For the Capricorn friend

Dear friend,

I have to start by saying that you really are the type of person who can set an example, because you know exactly where you want to go and how to get there. And if you don’t, you have the discipline, seriousness and humbleness to admit the talent of someone who’s already reached the top of the mountain and follow their steps. That’s why you clearly are a winner! Because with soberness and wisdom (which some like to call stubbornness!) to deal with duties and responsibilities and avoid all obstacles that my come across your path, even if they come wrapped in passion, jealousy, frivolity or impulsiveness.
I’m not saying there’s nothing romantic about you. Actually, I know that you have romantic dreams but you don’ let them drift you apart from your main goal, you don’t even allow that promise of an intense love to endanger your steps towards your finally destination.
That’s why you always stay firm in your path and you seldom stumble in the stones you find. And that’s why, in my view and in my thought you become more and more admirable. What a strong character you have! Yes, it’s important that I tell you that, because although you’re always aiming for a bigger goal, you would never step on anybody’s feet just to reach it, all you do is move away from those who can be in your way and triumphal follow your steps.
Pay no notice if someone says your methods are boring, we both know it’s not true, because everything you do has in mind your well being in the future. It’s always best to be called a snob and boring person than imprudent and mad. If it were up to me, I would want you to follow your projects unconditionally. And always be happy!
Finally, can I give you a piece of advice, although I know you don’t give them much notice? Exercise, look out for the sun, the fresh air in the countryside or the beach, and always keep yourself strong and healthy, because your friends wouldn’t stand to see you with less energy than the one you have today.

A kiss