Zodiac Signs

For the Capricorn boyfriend

My dear,

Despite your shyness and that tendency to isolate yourself, I need to tell you that it’s very pleasant to be in your company and that I love your discipline. I don’t mind nor do I get anxious or anguished, because I know that what determines the calmness of your actions is your serious and practical character.
I love you very much, I love your determination when ambitioning for things, in trying to build a better future, but on the other side, I would like to break lose of that Saturn discipline of yours, because I know there’s a hidden and burning fire well kept in your heart. I would like to cast away the ashes that cover that source of heat and alight your inner fire.
I know you’re not very comfortable with displays affection. I can feel it when I talk to you, when I pay you a compliment or even when I say I love you, I know it makes you feel awkward, sometimes even unemotional and still.
But I know a little about Saturn’s mysteries and I love the way you treat me because I know that underneath your shyness and that cool look, what you real want is to build a solid relationship. Dear little “Saturn”, if my diagnosis is correct, don’t be afraid to admit it, because I’m convinced that I would really love to be part of your family!!!
Did I over do it?

A kiss