Love that inspires me

As I have the afternoon off today, I missed you more than on any other day. I decided to write this letter to address the lack of being with you.
Today, on this sunny afternoon, I feel inspired and I decided to write to you, because as I confess my love I feel some relief, and it almost looks like I'm talking to you. It is for me a conversation that I can have with you from afar, and I know that when you receive this, you will call me raight away.
I'm sadder on this lonely afternoon, dreaming of your physical presence, of your hugs and kisses which are my biggest nourishment. Hungry for love, I await your arrival at any moment, so I will gorge myself on your caresses.
The certainty that if you were by my side, everything would be different because it is next to you I feel more alive. I'm glad and happy as a bird; I go round and jump with glee. Thank you my princess, for making me so happy.
I ask God every day, that by lighting your way, he may always leave a little bit of light for me to be seen by your beautiful eyes, with the same love that I dedicate to you.
My life was divided: insipid before I met you, but dazzling after the fortune of having conquered your love.

Kisses from your happy boyfriend