Zodiac Signs

For the Capricorn girlfriend

Dear (name),

You have no idea how great, safe and calm it feels to love such a decided, practical and determined woman like you. What thrill me the most are your natural, graceful and wise manners. Sometimes I’m a little confused by your stubbornness, but how could I argue with you, you’re so intelligent and sharp. That means that if you defend a certain thing or point of view that means that there’s must be a good reason behind. Please don’t get upset just because I said you could be a bit stubborn sometimes, OK?
I think you’re very beautiful and attractive by nature. I know that the nice words that I have to tell you will not be enough to touch that soul of yours that’s turned to practical things first and foremost. I know that your love is not the kind of love that will settle for just good intentions and a shed in a desert island and that’s why I’m willing to fight to get the minimum required for us to enjoy our love, passion and affection in a safe and comfortable environment. I’ve been working hard for that, as you well know.
Do you know why I fight to have you by my side all the time? That’s because I know that underneath that sensitive skin of yours, underneath that cold shell, there’s a burning desire for physical affection, which I, for one, would like to offer you unconditionally, because, as I said before, you’re so beautiful.
I also like the seriousness you put into your career and your family. I honestly hope that some day I’ll get the same attention from you!

A kiss from