Zodiac Signs

For the Sagittarius friend

Dear (name)

Before anything else, I want you to know I love being your friend; it’s great being next to someone as talkative and happy as you are. It’s true that sometimes you end up talking too much, isn’t it, and you even say some foolish things... But that’s alright, all that matters is that in your mind you’re always trying to raise the spirit of those next to you and if eventually you say the wrong things, that’s all due to that childish, almost naive and optimistic mind of yours, that lets you talk and behave without thinking about the consequences of your actions.
I think you’re a funny and outgoing person, especially because of your quick and complex mind, stimulated by a brain that harbors an exceptional intelligence. You’re funny because you’re always so alert, and even when you’re quiet, thinking, you keep passing around, walking back and forth in front of everybody. But maybe that’s why you’re so attracted to speed, radical sports and outdoor activities, and you can never turn down any invitation to travel, can you?
Listen, I love your extreme optimism, the way you get so enthusiastic about your own dreams, because I know you’re clever enough to pursue everything you believe to be possible, far as they may see to the rest of us simple mortals. What’s most impressive is that you show that same enthusiasm towards several things: love, adventure, and also to rebel against institutions and authorities, especially when they’re unfair.
In a nutshell, you’re a funny and fascinating friend,

With a tender kiss from