Good morning, my dear!

My love,

I hope you have a day full of radiance: that the morning might be clear, that the afternoon keeps on with its brightness and that the night might give us the best hours of our lives.
Starting a day is a difficult moment, but do not despair because you are strong and capable. Stay calm, because everything is going to be ok. Everything is going to turn out just fine. Just be careful to fulfill your part just right, because I want all of you and I want you ready for me when you return.
As you leave, be sure to look carefully at the sky. Thank the sun or the rain. Thank Mother Nature for everything good it offers us, and forget the small inconveniences of transit, banks etc.
To spend a morning without seeing wake up would be worse for me than a lost daybreak in Alaska or Siberia. Your absence gives me a sense of coldness and longing.
Go on. Go to work! When you return you’ll get all the love in the world. And you’ll also get the most appetizing food.

With passion,