I want to kiss your hands

Dear Mom,

You're the only person in the world that I can count on in this life. On Mother's Day I want to thank you for all your understanding of my numerous mistakes, and your continued offer of love and affection.
Do not think I'm selfish. I'll open my heart and confess all the love that I feel for you. You should know, every single instant, that the love you have for me, all the attention and affection you have always been me, is and always will be acknowledged by your daughter.
A mother's love knows no bound; I know that it manifests itself in you unconditionally. You love me because you love me and that’s that. You know very well how to end my fears and my weaknesses, helping to heal some wounds that are mine, but that you take care of as if they were your own.
From the tiny bruises on the knee from when I was a child, to the more painful ones on the elbow and in our hearts. In all cases there is always a kind word, an unequaled comfort of a mother. Fortunately you have never failed me.
So with this simple little letter, I come to you to render tribute and to ask again for your kindness and your delicious caresses. I haven’t been able to find a way to repay everything you’ve done for me. One day I will certainly do that with all the force of the love that I have always felt for you.

Your blessing Mom (signature)