For mother with love II

Dear Mummy,

On this special Sunday, dedicated to honor mothers, I wish you have a very happy day and feel the warmth that I have for you and all the gratitude and love I feel for you.
Although I do not talk about it much, know that every day I remember to thank God for having given me the happiness of being your son and for having received much attention, so much care, a strict but fair education.
You have taught me the essentials so that now I walk on my own two feet and I walk the steps of justice and brotherhood. You have been able to teach me noble principles, which I intend to carry with me all my life. All this you have done with much sweetness, such tenderness and love.
On this day filled with magical symbolism, I want to touch your heart with the best vibrations. I want all hours of the day to be filled with happiness and I want your best wishes to come true.
Today, on Mother's Day, I want you to receive my kiss, all my affection and my most sincere gratitude.

With all the love of your son (your daughter)