Mommy dearest

The most important date on the calendar is coming, it will soon be Mother's Day. I wish you a very happy day because you deserve all the happiness as you are the best mother in the world.
You really are wonderful and have always put the welfare of your children in the first place. I especially have always received your biggest concerns. You have always thought of what was best for me; my own good and my comfort have always been your priorities.
You are sweet and very affectionate most of the time. But you are also disciplinary and diligent with the education and the examples that you have always passed on to us. You say that a mother’s slap does not hurt. But you are wrong, it does hurt, and it hurts a lot, because I know that it was given by someone much loved and very dear to me: My mother.
Anyway it's nice to remember you. The slaps, although sore are nothing compared to your absence. Have a great Mother's Day and know that it is very difficult to live far away from you, despite the slaps on the bum.
You have no idea how much you matter to me, because only when you are absent do we miss our dear mother.

I love you very much.
Kisses and congratulations (signature)