Zodiac Signs

For the Scorpio friend

I’m starting this short letter by being straight and to the point: I love to be friends with someone like you, someone with a strong and powerful personality, that couldn’t care less what others thing about you. And you know why I like that kind of people? Because that group of people, which you belong to, know exactly what they are and what they do and that’s why you can show your freedom.
You’re really not a modest person, but for someone so full of qualities like you, why be modest when you’re fully aware of your potential, faults and virtues? You don’t forget any favors or presents you’ve received, but you’ll always remember all the offenses or injustices that you were made to suffer won’t you?
But, more importantly, you’re honest and loyal. You’d be capable to give your own life for your friends, but you also capable of telling it to their face where they’re wrong and not cover up. I believe that’s your way of showing your friendship and love to the next person, isn’t it? And the proof that you really are a sweet and kind person is the way you love children and the way you’re so protective towards them.
You don’t show off your emotions and you’re a bit mysterious sometimes... both in the way you take interest in the dark, obscure things or religious matters, and in your deep, dominating look or in the way you use your words in a slow, conscious way. The purpose of this letter is to tell you I have a great admiration for you, because not only you’re honest, you’re also intelligent enough to quietly await the possibility to get what you wish for.

A hug from