With you the world is more beautiful

My mommy!

Know that you are the sweetest creature I've ever met in my life. Besides having put me in the world, you have taught me to walk and enjoy jellies.
You have always been wonderful, beautiful and terrific.
It took me a while to understand some of your attitudes, but today I understand that I would be no one without your support and love. You have the gift to educate, to teach, to turn any "thing" into PEOPLE. You have the elegance of wise men and the intelligence of Gods. I'm very proud to have been generated in your womb and by your love.
Whenever I remember you the world seems more beautiful. I beg you to never leave it. It would be much sadder and poorer, because you have a rich soul, a sound character, and a rare generosity.
My dear mother on this special day, get a special kiss from your child.