Love reaffirmed

My mother,

I know we have argued too much lately and I know that neither I nor you like to live like this; it’s not good for either of us. So, I’d like to take this day to tell you that despite our differences and our arguments you are the most important woman in my life.
There will never be another like you. I know that most of our fights happen because of you worry too much, because you are overzealous of me. I also know I have been a bit impatient at times when you express your fears and concerns and, therefore, I am promising you that from this day forth, I will be different because I'm sure we love each other too much to waste so much time having sterile and stressful arguments.
I hope, indeed I am sure that my promise will find a positive response on your part because I have never done anything that could justify such despair every time I leave the house and linger a little longer.
Therefore, my dear mother, this letter is to reaffirm the great love I feel for you and ask you, with all the care that you fully trust me, because I would never do anything that might hurt you.
Keep the kiss I’m sending you and I wish that this day is very happy! Congratulations, Mom!

With love,