To the mother who adopted me

(name), my dear mother

When it's Mother's Day, along with the nostalgia I'm feeling now, comes the memory of the first day that I lived with you. My heart is full of happiness, to have been chosen by you.
On that cloudy and rainy afternoon, when I first saw you, I noticed all the tenderness in your eyes. At that moment I realized I had found my mother. I now recall the devotion with which I was raised by you. What a wonderful mother God has reserved for me.
Now, on this day I am honoring an amazing woman, the mother who raised me and prepared me for this life. You have protected me with care; you have shown me which way to go, giving me all your love, dedication and sacrifice to become the person I am now proud to be.
In the certainty of being the son you have always hoped to have, I am now reiterating all the love and affection I have for you, in this letter. In fact, I am giving back a little, for all the feeling that was dedicated to me during the life of success that you have given me. I love you so much Mom. Soon we will be together again.

A tender kiss.