Zodiac Signs

For the Scorpio boyfriend

Dear (name),

I’m writing this short letter just to make a confession: your deep eyes have really hypnotized me… I’m totally and completely attracted to your mysterious magnetism, and although you don’t usually show your true emotions, I believe you will be touched with this words, because I know your sensual nature, erotic even, but without ignoring common things.
My dear, I know that underneath that reserved and cold manners, there’s a volcano in eruption and I know there’s a strong element of passion in everything you do. That’s why I love you, my mysterious little Scorpio. Because I know how you devote yourself with great commitment to everything you do and try to do the best you can.
I love to see you facing and solving problems. You never crumble in face of difficulties; on the contrary, they make you stronger and more powerful. I love to see the way you stand up to life with all that inner force of yours and with all the might of your sharp rationality. I’m also thrilled by your strong personality and the way you couldn’t care less about what others may think of you.
Sometimes you can be a bit rude or jealous, but don’t worry, my love, I love the way you’ve hypnotized me, I wouldn’t be able to look at any another man, even if I wanted to.

A kiss from yours and only yours