Mothers and their way of loving

Dear Mom

I'm feeling in my heart a wonderful feeling for you. I love you very much, you know it and I’m sure you feel my affection. I happen to be very bad at expressing my feelings, and living together passes over certain niceties that express affection.
I know I am very wrong and since today is Mother's Day I cannot be unkind. In my examination of conscience I felt that we need to be more affectionate to one another, because we know we have a lot of sweet love in our hearts.
The education I received was never so severe as to leave a residue of resentment. You have always been a friendly and understanding mother, without being mellow and full of affection, and you always knew how to forgive the weaknesses typical of youth.
On second thought, I feel like all I have to do is want you, love you and always be supportive of your systematic way of being, sometimes even a little cranky, which I perceive as being typical of our own age difference.
I have to understand that you only think about my own good, hoping that I can achieve a great future full of happiness. A mother’s thought is an assurance of achievement so I'm happy.

Happy Mother's Day with all my love.