Zodiac Signs

For the Scorpio girlfriend

Dear (name),

Pretend this letter is me whispering a secret in your ear. Don’t tell anyone, but I feel privileged to be with you, because your deep and mysterious beauty never goes unnoticed anywhere you go. That’s why I’m amazed at how lucky I was in having touched the heart of such an attractive, fascinating and attractive lady as you, before anyone else did.
I feel happy all the time and there’s a very simple reason for that: I know there’s no half way for a woman born under the Scorpio Sun and that if you’re with me that’s because you really like me, otherwise you’d completely ignore me.
I enjoy talking to you about the mysteries of this world and about all things that exist between heaven and hearth, things that, like Shakespeare said, go far beyond what our vague philosophy could have imagined. In fact, there’s no vague philosophy and there is nothing vague about your abstractions, what really exists in your interest for the mysterious and the abstract is your sharp and intelligent curiosity. That’s why I also feel proud to be with you, because I know you would not be patient with an ignorant guy or someone who couldn’t care less about the depth of your thoughts.
I’ve said it but I’ll repeat it: you’re so seductive and magnetic that you’ve completely thrilled me. You’ve cast a spell on me, because I can see in you a total passion for life, I can see how self-confident you are, to the point I realize how you look with such disdain upon other poor women that walk around you. I’m also thrilled by how secure you are that you do not to care about what other people think and you behave freely and spontaneously, drawing you’re one rout.

For a sensual and beautiful woman, a tender kiss from