Congratulations for your birthday

(Name), my darling,

Since I cannot be at hand I wrote this letter to wish you a happy birthday. I want you to be happy, you are the kind of person who deserves nothing but the best there is in this world. I know our date is unpopular and that´s the reason why I am not going to be able to be at your party on this special date.
However the discrepancy around our relationship, I believe that it´s all nonsense and it´ll fade away sooner or later, but let´s avoid the hearsay for now... I won´t be there physically but in my mind I´ll be just beside you.
On this meeting, I hope only good things may happen to you: cake cutting, Happy Birthday song, champagne toast, and many kisses and warm hugs, and lots of laughter as well... I know when the party ends, you´ll be by my side sooner than I expect, we are together because we love each other and we´re not going to waste the chance of celebrating our love tomorrow.
We´ll celebrate it our own and particular way, with kisses and embraces and lots of love all night long. Tomorrow night will be unforgettable as we are going to celebrate your birthday and one more month together. That´s certainly a special moment for both of us.
Cleverly, we´ll dribble down the whole field to finally score and have the most awaited toast of the night.

Kisses, (signature)