Your love is everything


After I moved I realized I can´t live without your caresses. I want to hug you so much right now, to feel your body next to mine and kiss you, I have you under my skin. I will not manage to live without you. This change doesn´t seem to be an address change only, it separated us.
Your daily caresses enfold me, your advices make me stronger and smarter, your perfume brings me joy, your eyes.... I don´t want to be bound to my memory of you, like when I see glimpses of you in other people, that would be too much pain for me to take, even thinking about it is intolerable. I´m feeling desolate and homeless, like someone drawing away from the little that is left after losing almost everything... I need you so much.
I shouldn´t have moved with my family, I know that there wasn´t an other way but I can´t stop trying to figure out ways to get around it.... I couldn´t imagine the loss would be so immense as it feels now. Without you around me my life seems to be turning into something so meaningless and empty that I think it is impossible for me to live here: Either I return or you come, that´s pretty much the only way it seems.
Life is charmless when I cannot feel the warmth of your presence. I´ll never be the same apart from you, and I fear that distance is about to do some irreparaple harm separating us for good. I´m really afraid for our romance and I just can´t be happy without your love. I love you from the bottom of my heart.