Being happy again

Dear (name)

I am one more time addressing to you a new and straight love declaration. This overwhelming feeling I have towards you needs to be manifested again. When I´m alone like now I recall those incredible and amazing days we spent together during that wonderful holiday.
We were amazingly happy on those few days far from everything we have here. There we were immune to envy, jealousy and other petty and insignificant feelings that seem to be a part of almost everyone around us sometimes... Those were happy days for sure, and we lived our love in a state of total freedom.
When I get lonely as I am right now, I begin missing really badly those wonderful days amongst Nature itself where we could feel the presence of God and enjoy the peace of that refuge with nothing bothering us. I think we should repeat it all again as soon as possible as well.
There we can connect in the deepest way, and when we are that close we realize much better how miraculous and fortunate our love is. We feel totally free and we prove to ourselves that we will always have similar moments in our lives together. So, here it is: I´d like to invite you to be as happy as you can be once again.