To the attorney

Dear Attorney,

Let me tell you a secret: sometimes I want to ask you: “What´s the need for this natty suit and tie, why this big and shiny ring on your finger?” I dream of having the chance to ask these things to you (privately, of course) and hear in return that pragmatic and manly voice saying to me “To defend you!” Mr. Attorney, your sober and solemn posture, your sound logic, your irrefutable arguments and exact words, your conviction when you thrust yourself against the biggest obstacles in favor of the most noble causes, your magnificent wisdom and undeniable sense of justice left me completely fascinated about you.
You are certainly an illustrious and distinguished man, and I´ve got only one request for you: forget for a few moments this formal verbosity which is surely needed in court and so little exciting out in the streets, and hug me as strong as you can. Make me your most delicious and pleasant case!