To the bank employee

My love,

No interest rate gets so high as the love rate my heart feels for you despite the risks of investment and inflationary expectations attached to it. And with one advantage: this love is so basic, so pure and free that you´ll never have to pay anything back, no costs of transactions and stuff, however it is not allowed for you to go on strike and you cannot leave me standing on the door of your agency, are we agreed?
Also don´t put me in a row please... Even though I´m not entitled to third-age privileges, I believe I´m deserving of some high-ranking assistance from you. I need you to provide me with particular attention and consultancy, as for you I´d sign a blank check without second thought.
Maybe you haven´t realized yet, but I like you so much that I always avoid the internet and bank machines, as even though they are much faster, they are impersonal and besides, nothing could atone for not seeing your beautiful smile and bright eyes in front of me. Darling, behave towards me like I was the greatest opportunity of a short-term application, as I know that way I´m gonna convince you to invest in a safer and free-risk application later, of the longest run by the way...

A big kiss,