My beloved teacher

Dear (name),

I cannot say how good it is to be able to quench my thirst on your fountain of wisdom. I feel much more safe for having someone so intelligent close by, someone so prepared like you are. I am always amazed with so much knowledge and your ability to communicate with your students.
I also get mesmerized and attentive to your teachings, but honestly it´s hard to capture all of them, your beautiful mouth gets in between sooner or later… That´s when I mingle admiration with the desire of having you someday, all your explanations addressed to me only, all your attention focused on me.
Teacher of my dreams, I need some private classes urgently, explain to me everything you know about arts and science, about life and the world, but right now the way of your heart is the only thing I can care about learning really.
To compensate you, I will put all my efforts into making you feel all the power and beauty of the secrets of love. I apologize for such boldness, but you are smart and clever enough and certainly have already noticed how big is the attraction I feel for you.
Now that the Teacher´s Day is drawing on, I couldn´t miss the opportunity and on the impulse of passion I wrote this letter to you to confess a love that may be hard but surely not impossible to transform into reality.

A kiss (signature)