Zodiac Signs

For the Libra girlfriend

Dear (name),
I’m convinced I’m a lucky man, for I’ve fallen in love with someone who, apart from being graceful and elegant, is also fare and balanced in judging everything and everyone. You’re a master in the art of convincing me, you know? Your pure and bright logic always persuades me, but in such a gentle and subtle way that, sometimes, I don’t even realized I’m already convinced.
I love the way you dress, the way you surprise me by showing all your womanhood wrapped in silk or lace, and above all, adorned with a gentle smile. I love the nice clothes that usually cover the sweet mysteries of your body and I surrender to the scent of your perfumes. I like the way you taste, and for that alone, I would never take you to an environment that did not match that lovely feature of your personality which loads ugly and sordid places.
I always feel at peace when I’m with you, because I know I can fully trust you. I always feel I’m in good company when I’m by your side, because underneath all your grace and femininity lies a sharp mind, with an amazing power to analyze things and to debate any subject. I love to watch you using all your intellect to make more money, not because you’re greedy or shroud, but because you enjoy all the comfort and pleasure money can buy. A comfort and pleasure you’re kind and generous enough to share.
I really am a lucky man, for I love and am loved by the most beautiful, most feminine, most graceful, delicate, firm and intelligent woman on the planet! Let me tell you a secret: I’ve read that’s the way Libra’s are like…and now I’m really convinced of that!

A kiss from