Thanks teacher!

Dear teacher (name)

Being this one the last year my little daughter (name) is educated and taught by your precious wisdom in this exemplary little school, I´d like to pay you a homage with this little letter. (name of the daughter) likes you a lot, and I´m sure she´ll never forget you.
The relationship between a child and her first teacher is a very important thing regarding the formation of her character. I know you are a sterling teacher and knew how to conquer her friendship and esteem, when she refers to you, she demonstrates all the enthusiasm that your relationship is made of.
Truthfully, she loves you and is adamant about showing her love towards you, it is easy to realize how beautiful these years have been for her and how you are important on her life.
These years will be undoubtedly unforgettable for her and I will also preserve this feeling of recognition and frienship that I have towards you, you are now part of our lives forever and ever.
I´d like also to wish you a happy Christmas in company of all the people who are dear to you and a great New Year´s Day. May all the blessings from Heaven fall upon you in this coming year and for the rest of your life.