To a very special police officer

(name), my dear policeman,

I dedicate this letter particularly to you, but also to the whole corporation itself. All of you deserve homage and full appreciation during the Police Week, what you guys have committed yourselves to do is priceless. The first time I saw you I got a crush on you, so comely and classy in that uniform, I felt tingling all over, it just happened...
I confess that I´ve always been enticed by a man who wears and honors his uniform, it has always aroused my imagination, seeing you dressed like that has made me feel magnificently happy altogether. You know that I adore you and I renounced all armed forces to devote my love only to you.
The police office of our town is a distinguished one which brilliantly exerts its role in our state. Be proud honey, you are part of this police force that is so essential for the lives of all citizens out there and you have my eternal admiration and love for it. I go crazy when I see that uniformed man coming in my direction everyday!
As I´ve already said, I love a man of the law! It´s your presence that gets my heart shaking and my fibers feeling like they were tickling getting me completely mad about you! I want you forever! Don´t even think about discharging, I love you anyways but an uniform turns you into a drop-dead gorgeous man!
When this week ends, after the official celebrations, I´m gonna be waiting for you for our private party... Just put on your uniform, you won´t regret it.