Miss You

Father, I´d like to see you


I´m writing to you to say that I miss you too much, your absence is overwhelming. Since the day you left home, I´ve never seen you again and talking to you feels like an impossible dream lately. Your leaving was a definite separation, but I want you to know that I miss you around. I know quite well that you took with you a great remorse and maybe that´s why you never got in touch with us, but it happens your daughter still loves you and hopes to see you again someday.
I´ve got plans and dreams and I´m striving for them to become reality, and I´d like to hear from you about them and feel your support or reproval. The truth is that your opinion is indispensable, since as my father you are the most important person in the world. I wish immensely to meet you again and hear your voice, your moderate statements pointing out the best ways for me to achieve the things I want. It´s also true that all of this reflects how much I feel your absence, and this absence reflects in every aspect of my life.
I hope you take seriously my feelings for you and I hope you find out a way to meet me soon. I´m looking for it, meeting you again will be very touching and remarkable for me. I love you.

Kisses on your heart,