Miss You

Come back soon

I can imagine your joy on this holiday enjoyed in such a bucolic city along with your parents. And here am I thinking of my beloved woman, realizing again and again that my feelings for you keep getting bigger and bigger... That´s what I feel now being apart from you.
I tell you this: you´re the love of mine! The girl who left my head spinning and put a crush on me is you. It´s hard to describe the love I feel for you, but I realize that you are the woman of my life, you were created to enchant me, to be my queen.
Now that you are not near at hand, time seems to take much longer to pass, the days are longer, the nights sadder, nearly unbearable, living without you is like a bad dream for me, literally speaking. If you know how much I love you, you will understand the affliction I stand these days. Love is what it is: a pleasure that astonishes and then leave us ungrounded.
I know this is a brief separation, an ordinary holiday at your parents´ house. The only thing that cheers me up is to know that we´re gonna be together again quite soon, so have lots of fun with your family and be back soon. Love is waiting for you here as well.

Kisses (signature)