You´ll be happier


I have always heard that beaten sentence that states: one good turn deserves another. It´s really good to like someone indeed, the laughter, the sex, the love we share everyday... And you are so full of attitude! You lavish love with such great enthusiasm and rapture that I´m beginning to think I´m in debt with you.
I feel like I´m not affording everything that I can offer to you. I apologize for not having been loving and responsive as you have, your love is always like a breakfast in bed, and I never get tired of it. But I am who I am, and you know very well that I´ve never been prone to public displays of affection.
But I´m considering changing. I want to be your king because you are undoubtedly a queen, but also a slave when it comes down to your desires. I want to be your boyfriend, your passionate lover and companion for years to come. I´ll start acting as I was supposed to be acting by now, paying double for every act of love I owe you.
I want you to notice the change, I want you to feel how much I love you. I´ll never answer coldly again or throw cold water on your hopes. I will be an enthused man for loving you back, I wish I can embrace you and kiss you warmly again, knowing that I make you feel as happy as you can be.
Our relationship will be sincere and passionate, a thousand times hotter than it is nowadays. I´ve still got my best to offer you: do not be surprised at the new boyfriend you are gonna get, for this new boyfriend just wants to love you as you deserve to be loved.

Kisses (signature)