I dream about loving you

Dear (name),

I need to confess to you that for me there is only one truth: I´m mad about dating you. I wanna be happy and able to proclaim to all the world that I´ve got the most gorgeous and polite girl in the world, that she´s my beloved one, my girlfriend.
Giving me this chance will make you happier also, I want to give you back everything you ever dreamed of. My life will be devoted to you and I´ll never do anything that might hurt you in the slightest way. I wish to make you happy and complete.
Today my satisfaction would be hearing you asking me out for having a simple ice cream or something better than that, like a dinner after a movie and maybe something else when the evening gets closer to the end.
Little things will provide us with great joy and a lot of magic as well. Having you so near will make possible for me to love you each and every single day of my life. I´d never employ such bold words on this letter if you didn´t attract me equally.
But I´m still waiting for a first step on your part that suggests all of this can become reality someday. You just have to want it, and we will have so many untroubled and exciting days as two lovers can live. There´ll be only passion and love around us.

With love,
Kisses (signature)