I´m just a jealous guy

Love, I know that this sick and excessive jealousy annoys you a lot. I also know that this is one of the greatest evil forces playing against a healthy and lasting loving relationship, but sometimes I just can´t help behaving this way… It´s not that I don´t trust you, on the contrary, I know you are a loyal and upright person, but these thoughts loom unwarningly now and then. When I rationalize them, I realize that they are only fantasies, nightmares, and my mind gets cleared up, but then you are already too upset and I´m too much hurt to try to atone for what I´ve done or said. It seems the boundaries between imagination and certainty disappear so completely that I grow completely powerless to fight against all this pain and anguish. However, I promise you I´m going to begin to try to assess these situations calmly and free from passion, for the sake of our love. I just ask you to be patient, I´ll find help no matter what to heal myself from these poisonous thoughts and feelings.

With love,