Reconciliation is what I´m looking for

These words come to attest the remorse I´m feeling and to show you how much I am sorry for all the embarrassing situations that I´ve been subjecting us to for the past two years. All of it was brought about by my unreasonable attitudes and I regret that. I know that I´ve pushed everything too far with my juvenile whims and caprices, and today I ask for forgiveness for the suffering my inconsequent adventures caused to you. I was far from God and my family, and ending up losing you was pretty obvious by then.
Childishly, I thought my feats and deeds were to be praised or worthy of applause, when they were actually thoroughly shameful instead. You were absolutely right to doubt my promises of change, I didn´t deserve anything else. How many times we pretended to not know each other…. Given the circumstances, that was the best to do though, I committed too many mistakes, sure thing, but I was always thinking of you: even distant, I learnt a lot from my blunders and gross errors, and today I spend hours and hours rejoicing thinking about us. Anyway, you should know that I want you too much to let you go easily, and I hope to hear you saying you forgive me quite soon. I don´t know how to explain, but what I feel today is a worderful thing, maybe that´s the true love people talk about, I don´t have any other clue…